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CA Foundation Study Material 2018 By ICAI PDF

CA Foundation Study Material 2018 By ICAI PDF

CA Foundation Study Material : ICAI has officially announced the Revised CA Course which is applicable from 1st July 2017. So the first CA Foundation Exam to be held in May, 2018.

ICAI has released CA Foundation Study material in both English. Here we are providing subject wise CA Foundation study material for November 2018 exam in PDF format.

CA Foundation Study Material ICAI November 2018 PDF

CA Foundation Study Material : ICAI’s CA Foundation study materials are the best suggested books for Foundation Exam preparation. So download below CA Foundation study material for Principles and Practice of Accounting, Business Laws and Business Correspondence and Reporting , Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning & Statistics and Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge for November 2018 exam.

CA Foundation Paper 1 Principles and Practices of Accounting study material

Module 1

Module 2

CA Foundation Paper 2 Business Law & Business Correspondence and Reporting Study Material

Sec A Business Laws

Sec B Business Correspondence and Reporting

CA Foundation Paper 3 Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning & Statistics Study Material

Part A Business Mathematics

  • Chapter 1 Ratio and Proportion, Indices, Logarithms
  • Chapter 2: Equations and Matrices
  • Chapter 3: Linear Inequalities
  • Chapter 4: Time Value of Money
  • Chapter 5: Basic Concepts of Permutations and Combinations
  • Chapter 6: Sequence and Series – Arithmetic and Geometric Progressions
  • Chapter 7: Sets, Functions and Relations
  • Chapter 8: Basic Concepts of Differential and Integral Calculus
    • (A) Differential Calculus
    • (B) Integral Calculus

Part B Logical Reasoning

  • Chapter 9: Number Series, Coding and Decoding and Odd Man Out
  • Chapter 10: Direction Tests
  • Chapter 11: Seating Arrangements
  • Chapter 12: Blood Relations
  • Chapter 13: Syllogism

Part C Statistics

  • Chapter 14: Statistical Description of Data
  • Chapter 15: Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion
    • Unit I: Measures of Central Tendency
    • Unit II: Dispersion
  • Chapter 16 : Probability
  • Chapter 17: Theoretical Distributions
  • Chapter 18: Correlation And Regression
  • Chapter 19: Index Number and Time Series
    • Unit I: Index Numbers
    • Unit II: Time Series

CA Foundation Paper 4 Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge Study Material

Part I Business Economics

  • Chapter 1: Nature & Scope of Business Economics
    • Unit I: Introduction
    • Unit II: Basic Problems of an Economy & Role of Price Mechanism
  • Chapter 2: Theory of Demand and Supply
    • Unit I: Law of Demand and Elasticity of Demand
    • Unit II: Theory of Consumer Behaviour
    • Unit III: Supply
  • Chapter 3: Theory of Production and Cost
    • Unit I: Theory of Production
    • Unit II: Theory of Cost
  • Chapter 4: Meaning and Types of Markets
    • Unit I: Meaning and Types of Markets
    • Unit II: Determination of Prices
    • Unit III: Price Output Determination under Different Market Forms
  • Chapter 5: Business Cycles

Part II Business and Commercial Knowledge

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Business & BCK
  • Chapter 2: Business Environment
  • Chapter 3: Business Organizations
  • Chapter 4: Government Policies for Business Growth
  • Chapter 5: Organizations Facilitating Business
  • Chapter 6: Common Business Terminologies

Frequently asked questions for CA Foundation study material

Q1. How can I download ca foundation study material 2018 from icai?

CA Foundation study material: Visit official website to download study material for ca foundation.

Q2 . Does ICAI provides ca foundation study material pdf free download?

CA Foundation study material: Yes, ICAI provides ca foundation study material pdf in hindi and English medium.

Hope this article related to  CA Foundation study material was helpful.

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