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CA Foundation Exam Pattern | Paper Structure for 2019 exam

CA Foundation Exam Pattern | Paper Structure for 2019 exam

ICAI  foundation exam pattern : Through this article you will get the information about CA Foundation exam pattern for Nov 2019 exam.

You can scroll down to check the CA Foundation chapter wise marks weight-age and passing criteria for November 2019 exam.

CA foundation Exam Pattern for 2019 exam

There are 4 papers in CA Foundation examination. CA foundation exam is of 400 marks,where each paper is of 100 marks. Paper-1 and Paper-2 are subjective types, Paper-3 and Paper-4 are objective types. Negative marking is there for choosing wrong options in objective papers.

CA Foundation marks weightage for each paper is as following:

Paper 1 Principles and Practices of Accounting100 Marks
Paper 2 Business Law & Business Correspondence and Reporting100 Marks
Section A: Business Law – 60 Marks
Section B: Business Correspondence and Reporting – 40 Marks
Paper 3 Business Mathematics Logical Reasoning and Statistics100 Marks
Paper 3 – Part I: Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning (60 Marks)
Paper 3 – Part II: Statistics (40 Marks)
Paper 4 Business Economics & Business and Commercial Knowledge100 Marks
Paper 4 – Part I: Business Economics (60 Marks)
Paper 4 – Part II: Business and Commercial Knowledge (40 Marks)

Passing criteria in CA Foundation Examination

CA Foundation exam pattern 2019 : A Foundation Course candidate shall be declared to have passed the examination if he/ she obtains at one sitting

  • Minimum of 40% marks in each paper.
  • Minimum of 50% marks in aggregate of all the papers, subject to the principle of negative marking

CA Foundation Paper 1 Syllabus chapter wise weightage :

Principles and Practice of Accounting

Chapter 1Theoretical Framework5%-10%
Chapter 2Accounting Process20%-25%
Chapter 3Bank Reconciliation Statement
Chapter 4Inventories
Chapter 5Concept and Accounting of Depreciation
Chapter 6Accounting for Special Transactions15%-20%
Chapter 7Final Accounts of Sole Proprietors25%-30%
Chapter 8Partnership Accounts
Chapter 9Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Organizations
Chapter 10Introduction to Company Accounts10%-15%
Chapter 11Basic Accounting Ratios10%-15%

CA Foundation Paper 2 Syllabus chapter wise weightage :

Business Law & Business Correspondence and Reporting

Business Law  
Chapter 1The Indian Contract Act, 187225%-30%
Chapter 2The Sale of Goods Act, 193020%-25%
Chapter 3The Indian Partnership Act, 193220%-25%
Chapter 4The Limited Liability Partnership Act, 20085%-10%
Chapter 5The Companies Act, 201315%-20%
Business Correspondence and Reporting 
Chapter 1Communication10%-15%
Chapter 2Sentence Types and Vocabulary20%-30%
Chapter 3Vocabulary Root Words, Synonyms, Antonyms, Prefixes, Suffixes, Phrasal verbs,
Collocations and Idioms.
Chapter 4Comprehension Passages and Note Making20%-30%
Chapter 5Comprehension Passages and Note-Making20%-30%
Chapter 6Developing Writing Skills35%-40%

CA Foundation Paper 3 Syllabus chapter wise weightage :

Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning &Statistics

Business Mathematics 
Chapter 1Ratio and Proportion, Indices and Logarithms20%-30%
Chapter 2Equations and Matrices
Chapter 3Linear Inequalities with Objective Functions and Optimization w.r.t. objective
Chapter 4Time value of Money30%-40%
Chapter 5Permutations and Combinations30%-50%
Chapter 6Sequence and Series
Chapter 7Sets, Relations and Functions
Chapter 8Basic applications of Differential and Integral calculus
Logical Reasoning 
Chapter 1Number series, Coding and Decoding and odd man out.60%-70%
Chapter 2Direction Tests
Chapter 3Seating Arrangements
Chapter 4Blood Relations30%-40%
Chapter 5Syllogism
Chapter 1Statistical description of Data45%-50%
Chapter 2Measures of Central tendency and Dispersion
Chapter 3Probability25%-30%
Chapter 4Theoretical Distributions
Chapter 5Correlation and Regression10%-15%
Chapter 6Index Numbers and Time Series10%-15%

CA Foundation Paper 4 Syllabus chapter wise weightage :

Business Economics & Business and Commercial Knowledge

Business Economics 
Chapter 1Introduction to Business Economics15%-20%
Chapter 2Theory of Demand and Supply35%-40%
Chapter 3Theory of Production and Cost
Chapter 4Price Determination in Different Markets25%-30%
Chapter 5Business Cycles15%-20%
Business and Commercial Knowledge 
Chapter 1Introduction to Business15%-18%
Chapter 2Business Environment15%-18%
Chapter 3Business organizations15%-18%
Chapter 4Government Policies for Business Growth15%-18%
Chapter 5Organizations facilitating Business15%-18%
Chapter 6Common Business Terminologies15%-18%

Conclusion on CA Foundation exam pattern

Here in this article we have covered the following points

  • CA Foundation exam pattern for 2019
  • CA foundation weightage of marks for 2019
  • Passing criteria of CA Foundation Examination

For further any doubts feel free to ask using below comment box.

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